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SAT 01 JUN 02 | 00:47 CDT
at this very moment in time, i'm proclaiming donnie darko as the best "thriller" film i've ever seen. i know i'm a little behind the rest of the world on this. i just watched it with my friend adam and both of us had to pick our jaws up at the end. and that makes film #2 i've seen today with jena malone in it. life as a house, while not stunning, was a worthy attempt at forcing tears. i *heart* jena. is she legal yet?

is she legal yet? did i just write that?!

totally unrelated to the last few lines, find yourself a new synonym for masturbation here.

now that the riaa has officially brought suit against audiogalaxy, downloads are getting sluggish. i assume this is true for other people, no? i suppose we'll never see anything like napster again (the virtual free-for-all), but audiogalaxy was close enough for my needs. i'd like hilary rosen to chew off her own tit and choke on it. remember to keep tabs on what the boycott is doing so you can participate!

now playing:
elliott smith - s/t lp
the black heart procession - 3 cd
the velvet underground - loaded cd

FRI 31 MAY 02 | 11:37 CDT
the warlocks. you'll see a mention of them in yesterday's "now playing" section. somehow, though, i've managed to avoid mentioning them in any other previous entry. that's a shame, too. when you hear the warlocks, you'll be thinking "the dandy war-whos?" or "black rebel motorcycle what?" no, not really. but they play in the same sandbox as those kids. fortunately for me, they're coming through nashville on june 21st. if they don't self destruct before then, that is.

i'm camera shopping. how's this look?

now playing:
big star - 3rd lp
the warlocks - rise and fall cd
the warlocks - s/t ep cd
drive like jehu - yank crime cd
black rebel motorcycle club - b.r.m.c. cd

THU 30 MAY 02 | 11:45 CDT
today is dan vigil's 30th birthday. happy birthday, oh doctor at sea. last saturday was steph denny's 30th and the day before that was toby holder's 30th. it must have been a great week to be born. i'm only 18 or 19 months away from turning 30 myself. i'm glad others i trust have gone before me. now i know the path is safe.

i love the fmbb and i'm also fond of ilm (sometimes). why can't we all just get along?*

besides, there are more important issues on which to focus. like used computer hardware being tied to leukemia, fer chrissakes!

but there's also plenty of meaningless diversionary news as well. like bad art getting respectable recognition.

nobody comes here for the links, though. so i'll engage in dropping some of that personal fodder mentioned at the top.

saw episode II: attack of the clones yesterday. (i'm) underwhelmed if that's a word. i know it's not 'cos i looked it up. anyway, i did realize one important thing about this series of films. they were intended to be campy from the beginning. they have to have been. because george lucas wouldn't be "george lucas" if they were meant to be taken seriously. i devised this theory as an explanation for samuel l. jackson's flat scripting-reading tone in both episodes I and II. who's the real star of the movie? computer-generated yoda, that's who. kicking ass all over the place, he was.

now playing:
the black heart procession - 3 cd
sneaker pimps - bloodsport cd
hot snakes - automatic midnight cd
the warlocks - s/t ep cd

WED 29 MAY 02 | 10:08 CDT
yesterday i signed up for netflix. it's too soon yet to tell if this will be a worthwhile venture, but at least their dvd selection is astounding.

after being inspired by some of the work i saw in last saturday's backyard slideshow, i've decided i want to get into photography again. oh how i wish i didn't pawn the pentax k-1000 i used to have when i was once short on cash. now i'll have to start from scratch. lenses, flash, case, and whatever else. i don't even know if i'd have access to a darkroom anymore. i'm going to wait a couple more weeks to see if this kick passes...

now playing:
the white stripes - s/t lp
bonnie prince billy - i see a darkness cd
papa m - whatever, mortal cd
neutral milk hotel - in the aeroplane over the sea cd

FRI 24 MAY 02 | 12:26 CDT
pamela, adam, and i all went down to the free "dancin' in the district" show here in nashville last night. superdrag's live set confirmed my suspicions -- they're shitty. cake's live set was a surprise, because...well, i never thought of them enough to really have any suspicions. it was nice for the price (which, again, i'll point out that it was free.)

upon the return home, i put in the dvd of vanilla sky i'd rented. oh hell. what a bad film. why is tom cruise famous? why is tom cruise rich? the other rental, novocaine with steve martin and helena bonham carter was much better.

take this iq test. i did surprisingly well. i don't know how scientific the results are, though. and my mom would never tell me my real iq test score. i just live my life assuming i'm dumber than i probably am.

not that i care much about the state of bush, but they've pillaged the remains of helmet to keep their show going. sad.

yatta! this is one of the best low-brow flash production these eyes have ever seen.

now playing:
van morrison - moondance lp
lemonheads - come on feel the lemonheads cd
richard & linda thompson - i want to see the bright lights cd
paul westerberg - stereo cd

THU 23 MAY 02 | 13:08 CDT
so now i'm stuck using my computer. this sucks, but i guess it could be worse. i only wish i would have saved a little more money and bought a nice one rather than blowing half of my tax refund on a shitty old imac.

tomorrow is my friend toby's 30th birthday. in celebration of this occasion, i've made him a mix cd. with a little help from members of the fmbb, i've assembled the most foul, most profane compilation i could make (and still have some manner of continuity regarding genre and flow). the tracklist is as follows:

monkey & the butt puppet - i didn't mean to buttfuck you
dead kennedys - too drunk to fuck
the frogs - hot cock annie
david allan coe - i'd like to fuck the shit out of you
g.g. allin - gimme some head
pussy galore - pussy stomp
dub narcotic sound system - make it fucked up
peaches - fuck the pain away
modest mouse - shit luck
pansy division - fuck like bunnies
wesley willis - drink a camel's cum
beck - asshole
the rolling stones - cocksucker blues
the buzzcocks - oh shit!
spermbirds - what a bitch is
the queers - see ya later, fuckface
freakwater - your goddamn mouth
fischerspooner - fucker
the quadrajets - bad motherfuckin' bitch
ween - you fucked up
gluecifer - rock 'n roll asshole
princess superstar - nyc cunt
the cramps - can your pussy do the dog?
black lipstick - cat piss blues
beatnik termites - shit, fuck!

i think i know toby pretty well, and he'll love this.

so, i'll be out of town all weekend. a surprise luau for toby on saturday afternoon, and then "the backyard slideshow" that evening. the slideshow is really a photography and art show hosted by shannon wells in her backyard. many liquors will be on hand and i'll be sampling almost all of them.

now playing:
various artists - toby holder's profane 2002 birthday mix cd
iggy & the stooges - raw power cd

WED 22 MAY 02 | 12:13 CDT
oooh! tension is building on the homefront. pamela sent me an email from work about the use of her computer (and how it's going to be coming to an end soon). what the fuck? so, this may or may not be my last entry for awhile.

another rock 'n roll bus crash? this time it's alien ant farm. the nme report is here. c'mon guys. metallica already did that 16 years ago!

oh, and just in time for summer, the hippies have somewhere to go.

looks like four tet is the opener for radiohead's spain/portugal jaunt. i'm envious. not only that i don't get to see four tet, but that i don't live in somewhere as nice as spain or portugal.

now playing:
nine inch nails - the fragile lp
th faith healers - lido cd
the mooney suzuki - people get ready cd
the mooney suzuki - electric sweat cd
the go - whatcha doin' cd

TUE 21 MAY 02 | 09:56 CDT
take that, you major-label pigdogs!

the x-files finale came in at number three. i used to watch the x-files on a weekly basis before david duchovny left. but then the show grew stale. and even upon his return this past weekend, it was still dead in the water. after putting up with the bigger storyline in that show for 7 of its 9 seasons, i wanted a better ending. fuck you, chris carter.

now playing:
camper van beethoven - telephone free landslide victory lp
robyn hitchcock - i often dream of trains lp
pearl jam - binaural cd
henry rollins - think tank cd

SUN 19 MAY 02 | 01:31 CDT
yes, that's me up there. i'm going to keep milking that picture for all it's worth until i either a) get my own digital camera or b) find a photo booth somewhere and get the scanner working correctly. it's a self-admitted "rockstar" pose, although i've now removed the cigarette. i haven't quit smoking by any means, but when the picture was taken down to simple black and white it looked odd.

are you paying attention? this is where you can learn something from the rub (at long last). today, we're going to learn how to crossfade tracks when making a mix cd-r. this will require a few things first; some of them incredibly obvious.

cd-rw drive
blank cd-r
roxio easy cd creator
goldwave sound editor

i know that the "platinum" version of easy cd creator includes a crossfading option, but it's often unreliable and has been known to ruin cd projects. that's where the goldwave application saves the day. just follow the steps...

1. open an .mp3 in goldwave and select the final few seconds of the track (it's the part that would be illuminated).
2. now, open another .mp3 in goldwave and copy the file. go ahead and close it, then, so it doesn't get in your way.
3. click on your "edit" menu and select "mix..." you will see a box pop up that asks you to adjust the volume of the .mp3 file (the default is 100%). once that setting meets your approval, click "ok" and the second track will seamlessly merge with the first.
4. but won't that be a mess when it comes to splitting them all up? no, it won't. goldwave has already thought about this in advance. if you click on your "tools" menu and select "cue points...", another box will pop up. leave the position on "start marker", assign a name for your cue point, and then click "add." be smart and keep them organized. adding a number to the name will probably help you keep the sections in order. repeat steps 2-4 until you have all the tracks you want to include on your cd-r project.
5. when you're finished adding tracks to your goldwave file, select "split file" in your "cue points..." box. this will do all the hard work for you and leave you with a collection of .wav files to burn to a cd-r. when exiting goldwave, don't save changes to the original file. remember - this was all built around a single .mp3 at the beginning.
6. as you're putting your cd together, do remember to put all the files in numerical order. the whole operation will have failed if you don't. your transitions will make no sense and the seamless flow will be lost.
7. throw a party! you're the dj now.

hmmm. was that confusing? it might have been. if i could figure out how to do it, though, i imagine most anyone could. i used to use the crossfading plug-in offered with winamp, but it just made one long .wav file. the drawback with that is there's no way to skip around on the cd-r. (ask meghan...she knows what i'm talking about.)

now playing:
richard thompson - mock tudor cd
bob dylan - the freewheelin' bob dylan cd
barbara manning - 1212 cd

SAT 18 MAY 02 | 12:01 CDT
my friend adam and me are going to see david cross tonight. i'm assuming it will just be stand-up, but he's playing a venue regularly associated with music. weird.

the war of courtney love vs. the world continues. in a shameless effort to boost page hits, i have obtained an mp3 of four snippets of the song in question (nirvana's "you know you're right") and will now be making it available here: nirvana.mp3 (0.8Mb)

and despite a mountain of hits, the just joshin' blog is calling it quits. i'm not sure why dr. funk is doing this, but it will be missed.

now playing:
gang of four - entertainment lp
the gun club - miami cd
soundtrack of our lives - behind the music cd
some velvet sidewalk - generate! cd

FRI 17 MAY 02 | 11:19 CDT
ludwig, you devil! an anonymous bidder scored the original draft of the ninth symphony for a whopping .8 million. and i thought for a my bloody valentine record was a big deal...

and now star wars is out. when am i going to see it? whenever i can go without standing in line, i guess. from what i gather, that looks like early to mid july.

i'm about to haul another two boxes of records down to grimey's. let's all hope i don't get as raw a deal this time. oh, and this should be my last trip. after this, i just have a few things i'm putting on ebay, and then my entire vinyl collection will have been eradicated. fare thee well, old friends.

now playing:
john cale - fear lp
sonic youth - murray street cd
silver apples - silver apples/contact cd
epic soundtracks - rise above cd
langley schools music project - innocence & despair cd

THU 16 MAY 02 | 10:53 CDT
just found out that my morning jacket is playing town on the 25th. woo! there was a brief dry spell of good shows, but that appears to now be remedied. slow bar, .

senator springsteen? "no," says bruce.

jose canseco has retired (i know this was announced monday, but i somehow missed it). when i was a kid living in huntsville, alabama, we were graced with a minor league farm team named the huntsville stars; the parent organization being the oakland a's. this means, as a kid, i could go down to the ballpark and watch canseco play alongside mark mcgwire before anyone else even knew who they were. now they're both gone and a little part of my childhood is missing.

fuck abc and fuck jimmy kimmel.

despite a moderate amount of trepidation, i finally took the plunge and downloaded sonic youth's murray street album in full. what the hell?! i don't know why i even waited. i'm most immediately reminded of washing machine, but after a few listens i'm now thinking it's even better than that one. the best in years? yeah, i think so. maybe adopting jim o'rourke wasn't that bad of an idea.

now playing:
ride - nowhere lp
sonic youth - murray street cd
th faith healers - lido cd
jon spencer blues explosion - now i got worry cd
pussy galore - corpse love: the first year cd
bonnie prince billy - ease down the road cd

TUE 14 MAY 02 | 08:35 CDT
what's up, google? i'll just find my answers for free, thank you.

think the people who list at moc are too stuffy and uptight and wear just too darn many clothes? well, friend -- only undies club is for you!

props to flux de new for pointing me in the direction of ikara colt. are they the rebirth of smart brit punk? methinks so, yes.

now playing:
neil young - american stars n' bars lp
ikara colt - chat and business cd
liquid liquid - s/t cd
straitjacket fits - melt cd
the warlocks - rise and fall cd

MON 13 MAY 02 | 11:32 CDT
wire has a new self-released ep. read about it here. according to this report, "even if they don't ever release another record, wire (phase three) will have been a success, based strictly on the 17-minute stab of genius that is read & burn." this information immediately sent me searching for mp3's and i've found all six songs. and, somewhat surprisingly, they don't disappoint!

do you know the way to san jose? i'm sure it was for medicinal use only.

you say you want to write a hit song. alanis morissette has written several, so you may want to go here first. here's mine:

"I Think"

I Think marshmallows are really a huge problem
I Think holidays are too much on my mind
I Think dinners have got a lot to do with why the world sucks
But what can you do?

Like a red rain, beating down on me
Like a e.e. cummings line, which won't let go of my brain
Like michelle's ass, it is in my head
Blame it on yams
Blame it on yams
Blame it on yams

I Think relatives are gonna drive us all crazy
And groceries make me feel like a child
I Think syrups will eventually be the downfall of civilization
But what can you do? I said what can you do?

Like a red rain, beating down on me
Like a e.e. cummings line, which won't let go of my brain
Like michelle's ass, it is in my head
Blame it on yams
Blame it on yams
Blame it on yams

Like a red rain, beating down on me
Like michelle's smile, cruel and cold
Like e.e. cummings's ass, it is in my head
Blame it on yams
Blame it on yams
Blame it on yams

now playing:
pylon - gyrate lp
esg - a south bronx story cd
the make-up - i want some cd

SUN 12 MAY 02 | 12:33 CDT
if you're a mother or the son or daughter of a mother, happy mothers day!

my most recent bandwagon-jumping experience is the boggs. their album, we are the boggs we are, is as addictive as anything i've heard in the past three or more years. despite the lp cover looking like first step by the faces, they actually draw their influence from further into the past. 1930's appalachia, to be more precise. the soundtrack to o brother where art thou has worn out its welcome with me, so this will fill the void nicely. also, it looks like they're going to be in the studio at wfmu on the 20th. know anything about it, pseubraunblog?

now playing:
the boggs - we are the boggs we are cd
the handsome family - in the air cd
gillian welch - revival cd

SAT 11 MAY 02 | 23:20 CDT
as much as i try not to like each new album or single from eminem, i just can't help myself. "without me" may be the best single he's released so far. and i like moby, y'know. but a good dis is a good dis. fortunately, i was able to grab an mp3 of it before interscope blocks everything. it's been looping for the last twenty minutes. he's probably performing on snl right now too, but i don't feel like watching tv.

it turns out that robyn hitchcock did indeed perform on craig kilborn last night. unfortunately, i missed it because i, um...forgot. however, the video can be seen here. patience, grasshopper. it's about a 20mb download.

this device may help you feel a little better the next time you open up your mail client and see nothing but spam. personally, i don't know how well it works, as i've yet to install it.

now playing:
the kinks - the kinks are the village green preservation society lp
wolfhounds - attitude lp
pretty girls make graves - good health cd
the mooney suzuki - electric sweat cd
the greenhornes - s/t cd
liars - they threw us in a trench and stuck a monument on top cd

FRI 10 MAY 02 | 11:47 CDT
after all this time, the last waltz was released this week on dvd. rock documentaries just don't get any better than this.

was it just my imagination, or did craig kilborn say last night that robyn hitchcock would be making an appearance tonight? his site says nothing about it, and neither does hitchcock's. i'll just have to watch and see.

and speaking of music on late night television, neil young performed the title track from his new album, are you passionate?, on the tonight show last night. i wasn't even considering buying the album until i heard that. dare i say it's the best song from neil in years?

we've all received emails with bizarre ebay auctions in them. chances are they were found here. i happen to think that this is greatest case of truth in advertising known to man.

now playing:
moby - 18 cd
belle & sebastian - i'm waking up to us ep
will oldham - joya cd
low - things we lost in the fire cd
alexander spence - oar cd

THU 09 MAY 02 | 14:17 CDT
remember the story about the hooter's waitress that became the butt of a pretty good joke involving a "toy yoda?" well, the lawsuit was settled. and lawyers still wonder why people hate them...

according to, "the band has wrapped up recording for their forthcoming album and the mixing process is scheduled to begin soon. stay tuned for details on the release date and upcoming tour info." this is exciting, because binaural has actually ended up being my favorite album of theirs. i'm curious to see where this one goes.

as if there weren't enough corporations to boycott, now the do-gooders of the world are going after my favorite: taco bell!

bunnies, bunnies, and more...uh, firearms!

now playing:
robyn hitchcock - invisible hitchcock lp
robyn hitchcock - black snake diamond role lp
paul westerberg - stereo cd
gillian welch - time (the revelator) cd
fennesz - endless summer cd

WED 08 MAY 02 | 11:05 CDT
i'd consider installing some sort of counting mechanism here, if i didn't think it was a total vanity concept. yes, i uttered those words last thursday in this very space. but i'm feeling vain today.

i thought i liked "bohemian rhapsody" as much as the next guy, but apparently not. best single of all time? you crazy british.

last night, i got an email from my old and dear friend stephanie mccullough. in my reply, i mentioned the blog. so if she did the email click-through...hi stephanie.

now playing:
the pagans - shit street lp
fennesz - endless summer cd
smog - dongs of sevotion cd
frank black & the catholics - dog in the sand cd