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SUN 30 JUN 02 | 17:38 CDT
i love trading spaces as much as the next tv-addicted twenty-something, but i was just checking my pageview stats and found someone came here from google with the keywords "genevieve gorder naked." dude, if i knew where those pictures were located, i'd have posted a link long ago. also, i just noticed that trading spaces carpenters amy and ty will be featured on an upcoming episode of tlc's a makeover story on july 13th. a little cross-promotion never hurt anyone, i guess.

yesterday afternoon, adam and i were hanging out in an empty lot close to one of the airport runways trying to get some photos of jet landings and departures. after about twenty minutes, this large group of people came over the hill in some mildly organized fashion talking and laughing and apparently looking for something. one of the guys stopped to chat with us for a minute or so. it turns out they were hashing. in short, they were looking for little white x's on the ground that would lead them to the end of a trail. it sounded pretty dumb to us until he mentioned that at the end of the trail, there was plenty of cold beer. that's the bit of information that stuck with me until i got home and looked up the game on the internet. if i get around to it, i may join a local group and try it.

now playing:
death cab for cutie - something about airplanes cd
nick drake - compilation cd-r
the shins - oh, inverted world cd
interpol - s/t cd ep

SAT 29 JUN 02 | 00:20 CDT
after months, no...years of waiting, some wiseguy at paramount studios finally got one of the telepathic messages i'd been sending. they're releasing 'pretty in pink' and 'some kind of wonderful' on dvd this august according to this rather in-depth site devoted to john hughes. hopefully, they'll re-release 'sixteen candles' as well, so i don't have to spend on eBay. one other cool thing there is an mp3 page of songs from the movies. i've wanted my own copy of lindsay buckingham's 'holiday road' forever now. plus, they've got some songs from 'ferris bueller's day off,' which never had an official soundtrack release. please excuse the geek-out factor in this entry, but john hughes films from the 1980's are one of the only things i let myself get completely geeked over.

now playing:
flowerpot men - big city mp3 (used in the scene when ferris, cameron, and sloane drive away from school incognito into downtown chicago)

FRI 28 JUN 02 | 11:40 CDT
john entwistle was found dead in las vegas -- on the eve of yet another reunion tour. i guess his poor heart couldn't bear the thought of fleecing the fans again when the band hasn't released any new material in roughly twenty years. r.i.p.

the bellringer of notre dame. does that sound right to you?

i don't know if i'll watch it, but politically incorrect airs for the final time tonight. does arianna huffington really do anything besides make appearances on tv round-table shows?

kennon ballou, a former programmer for the audiogalaxy community, explains why audiogalaxy was the best p2p medium ever. it brings a tear to my eye.

now playing:
dirty three - horse stories cd
interpol - s/t ep cd
cake like - goodbye, so what cd
sleater-kinney - one beat cd

WED 26 JUN 02 | 13:22 CDT
tomorrow is meghan's birthday. since there probably won't be an entry tomorrow, i'd better go ahead and mention it today. happy birthday!

the fine people at dfilm have created the dfilm moviemaker. go there, make a film, and email me the link. i want funny, people! funny!!!

here are some upcoming nashville shows. enjoy!

06.27 They Might Be Giants @ Dancin' in the District, free
06.27 Mary Timony @ The End,
06.28 Los Straitjackets @ Slow Bar
06.29 Mike Ireland & Holler @ The Opry Plaza
07.03 Lucinda Williams @ The Uptown Mix, free
07.04 Corey Feldman Band @ Exit-In (seriously?)
07.04 Jay Bennett & Edward Burch @ Slow Bar
07.10 Milemarker @ The End
07.10 Concrete Blonde @ The Uptown Mix, free
07.13 Aereogramme @ The End (w/ Shiner)
07.15 The Shins @ Slow Bar (w/ Beachwood Sparks)
07.21 Archer Prewitt @ Slow Bar

so, there are quite a few good things on the horizon (plus, one show from corey feldman). i just wish the fucking secrets would get their shit together and take a tour.

now playing:
radar bros. - s/t cd
black rebel motorcycle club - b.r.m.c. cd
frank black & the catholics - dog in the sand cd
son volt - straightaways cd

TUE 25 JUN 02 | 13:16 CDT
over the weekend, i fashioned a site for my friend adam to showcase his black & white photography. there may be a color section at some point too, but it all depends on whether or not he gives me anything to work with. anyway, you can see it here.

now playing:
doves - the last broadcast cd
pet shop boys - release cd
sleater-kinney - one beat cd
yo la tengo - electr-o-pura cd

SAT 22 JUN 02 | 16:32 CDT
sleater-kinney mania is in full effect around here. the more listens i give to 'one beat,' the more excited i am about the album's official release and the following tour. will this be the year i finally get to see them live? i'm thinking so. anyway, amazon has finally posted the first look at the album's cover art. and because i'm feeling oh-so generous today, here's an mp3 for those of you who weren't fortunate enough to hunt down all the tracks before audiogalaxy was put to rest: funeral song.mp3

vous l'un ou l'autre amour ceci ou détester ceci.

SAT 22 JUN 02 | 12:44 CDT
the warlocks are fucking loud!!! the show was great, though. not a lot of variety in the material they chose to play, but their massive presence onstage was what the show was all about anyway. people say that phil spector created the wall of sound. well, the warlocks have perfected it.

so now i'm sitting here writing a blog entry trying to put off attending the annual family reunion as long as possible. if i don't show up soon, though, they'll send out a search party. crap!

now playing:
the black heart procession - 3 cd
c.o.c. - america's volume dealer cd
white chocolate - live at rick's cd

FRI 21 JUN 02 | 10:51 CDT
the free steve earle show last night was superb. of course, i'm not picky about free shows really. it was just great to hear 'devil's right hand' and 'transcendental blues.'

tonight: the warlocks @ the end, 9 pm.

hello joseph larkin. we've missed you.

my new short-term goal is to get a photo of mine on a bottle of jones soda. after i buy a camera and re-learn how to use it, of course.

at long last, the battle for computer use in our apartment is solved. i just bought a gateway. i know, i know. i said i'd never buy a gateway, but at 4 shipped with a cd-burner, i couldn't help myself. i'm now a member of their "family." oi.

now playing:
blonde redhead - melody of certain damaged lemons cd
billy bragg & wilco - mermaid avenue cd
the mooney suzuki - electric sweat cd
tim easton - special 20 cd

THU 20 JUN 02 | 13:27 CDT
i was just looking around for news of any kind that seemed even the least bit interesting -- there was nothing. so i'm just going to bullshit my way through this entry.

did you ever watch nickelodeon's 'the adventures of pete & pete?' sure you did. we all know that big pete (michael maronna) appeared in an epidose of 'law & order' and also appeared in commercials for some online daytrading firm back before we hit a financial recession. but what became of little pete (daniel tamberelli)? i had a theory about little pete in the role of warren cheswick's large sidekick on the nbc show 'ed.' makes sense. he's got reddish hair, he's jovial, and he could feasably have gained that much girth in the years between 'the adventures of pete & pete' and 'ed.' my theory was perfect until i discovered that i was wrong. the actor who plays mark vanacore on 'ed' is named michael genadry. oh well, so much for that theory. but this is still a question that begs to be answered. what has become of little pete?!

update: it has been brought to my attention that little pete is now a member of the panel on the nickelodeon show 'figure it out.' mystery solved, thanks to two keen tv detectives meghan and lacey.

'i will eat meat hummus with vanilla coke and jim beam.'

also, it looks like bob and david will be appearing tonight on both conan o'brien and comedy central's 'the daily show.' entitulitus kills.

now playing:
catherine wheel - chrome cd
the la's - s/t cd
gillian welch - time (the revelator) cd
rosie thomas - when we were small cd

TUE 18 JUN 02 | 10:30 CDT
audiogalaxy giveth, and the riaa taketh away. a friend's blog had this to say: It's a bit like having the major book publishers of the world get together to burn down public libraries, really. I hate living in a world where money is valued over knowledge, I really do.

hilary rosen can suck my ass.

fine, if she wants to play dirty, we can play dirty. i'll buy her stinking cd's, and then immediately turn around and make the most of what ebay has to offer (after i fucking burn my own copies!). and we all know that some other napster/audiogalaxy clone will soon be introduced. basically, the riaa cannot win. hilary rosen will have failed. and because this is all she apparently lives for, she will hopefully experience a deep depression and off herself with a bottle of pills on a hot rainy night all alone and not be found for two weeks; her bloated, rotting corpse having been picked apart by the thirty cats that i'm sure she owns.

it's true. i've basically quit buying new cd's (i still scour the used and promo bins with much regularity, though). i bought david bowie last week, but that was the first "new" commercial cd i'd purchased since april. and before that, i hadn't bought anything since january. i'm not a pirate. the record companies are. do you think cd's actually cost a pop to make and ship?! hell no! so, when they drop the average retail price for cd's down below (where it should be), i'll quit downloading mp3's. in the meantime, i apologize to all the smaller label artists which have been missing my music-buying dollar. but this really is bigger than all of us.

now playing:
smashing pumpkins - machina: the machines of god cd
david bowie - heathen cd
the hives - veni vidi vicious cd
the makers - hunger cd

SUN 16 JUN 02 | 17:01 CDT
happy father's day, dads! i just called my own dad and had a great conversation with him that didn't involve begging for money in any way, shape, or form. i thought that was nice for a change and i'm sure he felt the same way.

the new sleater-kinney album, not due out until august, is already up on audiogalaxy for your enjoyment. be prepared to wait for your downloads, though. not many source files are available as of yet. anyway, my initial impressions on the first few songs i've heard are very positive. there's a lot less fluf to this album. don't expect a new 'one more hour' or another 'i wanna be your joey ramone.' this album is a completely different beast from their previous releases. more experimental with the arrangements of the songs and more complex melodies. anyone who thought they were getting soft with 'all hands on the bad one' had better think again.

axl sees fit to tour this fall, but where the hell is 'chinese democracy?' it'll probably be released the same day as the sequel to 'loveless' arrives.

now playing:
david bowie - heathen cd
ed harcourt - here be monsters cd
sleater-kinney - one beat cd
black rebel motorcycle club - b.r.m.c. cd

THU 13 JUN 02 | 12:53 CDT
thanks to pseu for dropping me a line with this info:

From: Braun, Susan
To: Paul Cox
Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 8:49 AM
Subject: Hey Boy...Wrlx 2day

Being the true Warlocks fan that you are, you may be interested in today's totally live (not even on tape, yo...) broadcast, which of course *I* would be doing if I were on the air this summer, nonetheless, my pal's at the helm(times are Eastern):

The Warlocks
Thursday, June 13th, 3pm - 6pm
on Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine
Playing Live in the Studio, THE WARLOCKS. Presenting their brand of psyched out, Velvets-drenched hallucinatory pop mayhem, as only these Californians can do...with 2 drummers to boot! Playing a live set Listen here: or go to the damn webpage for other listnin' options:


that was awfully nice of her to keep me in mind. i sure do love those warlocks.

the final total for my ebay auctions: ,086.57! the possibility of me getting a decent computer now is much more of a reality.

adam and i went to 12th & porter last night to see glossary play. great show, but it was kind of short because they were the opener. todd beene offered adam the drummer job, because their current timekeeper is leaving soon. it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

now playing:
the warlocks - rise and fall cd
hot snakes - suicide invoice cd
wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot cd

WED 12 JUN 02 | 11:58 CDT
david bowie's new album, 'heathen,' was released yesterday. i ran down to target this morning to pick it up and have now listened to it all the way through. the hype was true. it really is the best album he's made since 'lodger.' the fact that he covers a pixies song is just icing on the cake. unless i just get burned out on it, there's already a spot on my year-end list reserved for it.

all of my ebay auctions are ending today (the first one ends in less than twenty minutes now). i was expecting to make some money from these, but the last time i checked, bid totals were up to 6. if everyone actually pays for what they win, my computer woes may be over. i can just buy a new one.

hey, i like 'the osbournes' as much as the next person, but now mtv is going too far.

now playing:
david bowie - heathen cd
japancakes - belmondo cd
the black heart procession - 3 cd
papa m - live from a shark's cage cd

TUE 11 JUN 02 | 12:05 CDT
a million thanks to hstencil for once again pointing me in the direction of the stax/volt site. i'd gone there looking for info (and t-shirts) about two years ago, but decided to wait until they got in some new stock. it appears that they never did, because they're still selling the same off-center yellow "snap" logo shirts i passed on last time i was there.

also, another million thanks to pseu braun for pointing me in the direction of this delicious soundclip of a message kim deal left on john agnello's answering machine. i imagine it dates from sometime inbetween the last amps album and now. but i could be wrong.

i threw down the .95/mo. fee to become an audiogalaxy "gold" member. now that the free satellite is carrying along the overt spyware, the small fee didn't seem like such a sacrifice. but i thought the performance would be upgraded as well. faster downloads, prioritizing, etc. half the songs i try to download come back as "unavailable". what the...? save your money for right now, kids.

against my better judgement, i've once again become addicted to the mole. i still maintain it's the best of all the "reality" shows out there, yet it gets almost no hoopla. further proof that tv watching americans are dumbing down more every year.

now playing:
rosie thomas - when we were small cd
glossary - this is all we've learned about living cd
white stripes - s/t cd
they come in threes - blindsided, pt. 1 cd

MON 10 JUN 02 | 13:52 CDT
i don't have much time to write an entry today. as a door prize for anyone who came around looking for something new, here's an mp3: kelly osbourne - papa don't preach.mp3

appréciez-le parce que je t'aime

FRI 07 JUN 02 | 13:34 CDT
happy birthday to my brother nathan, who turns 27 today. wuv yu, man.

free winona! update -- i love winona. i've had a crush on her since i first saw 'heathers.' but i'm not going to have her over for dinner without locking up a few things first.

now playing:
death cab for cutie - the photo album cd
the strokes - is this it cd
elliott smith - either/or cd
son volt - straightaways cd

THU 06 JUN 02 | 13:18 CDT
dee dee ramone, dead at age 50. damn.

it always bothers me when celebrity deaths are diagnosed as an 'accidental drug overdose'. after that many years of indulgence, shouldn't they know better? joey and dee dee are gone now. in my mind, they were the core of the original ramones line-up. sure, marky played a major role, but he wasn't charismatic at all. it's just sad.

in other news, wilco has been added to the local uptown mix schedule towards the end of july. i also found out through glossary's site that they, along with preston school of industry, will be rounding out the bill. yay! best of all, it's free.

now playing:
glossary - southern by the grace of location cd
bad religion - recipe for hate cd
mount florida - arrived phoenix cd

WED 05 JUN 02 | 10:57 CDT
there's just entirely too much clash-hating going on over at the ilm. with each passing day, i realize the minimal value of the opinions tossed around there more and more. how many self-aggrandizing diatribes can a person read in one day? (note: i do realize the gross irony of that final statement being written in a "blog")

as i'd promised long ago, i've just about completely emptied out my vinyl collection. the last few items are now up for auction. after i add a few more auctions tomorrow, they will be all gone. i got impatient and listed them already.

now playing:
glossary - southern by the grace of location cd
afghan whigs - gentlemen cd
lyle lovett - the road to ensenada cd
the incredible moses leroy - electric pocket radio cd

TUE 04 JUN 02 | 11:50 CDT
better snap up the original pressings of those white stripes cd's while you can, kids. V2 is re-issuing their first two albums today. early prediction: they'll be going for a pop on ebay next year.

springsteen fans can rejoice now -- 'the rising' will become available on july 30th.

i usually don't trumpet the praises of a pitchfork article here (or anywhere else, for that matter), but william bowers' take on 'episode II' is quite a satisfying read.

now playing:
the strokes - is this it cd
silver apples - silver apples/contact cd
stereolab - dots & loops cd

MON 03 JUN 02 | 11:04 CDT
the most piratical pirate website on the seven seas. take that, you ninja scums!

about a year or so ago, comedian eugene mirman launched his website featuring the marvelous crooning child. now, the child is back with some new songs for you all. be sure to check out the motley crue video in the "by eugene" section as well.

courtney wrote me saying not to worry about wondering if jena malone was legal or not, because she was wondering the same about jake gyllenhaal. well, it turns out that she's in the clear. i, on the other hand, have been caught crushing on a minor. i hope they're nice to me in prison.

and speaking of legality, i found a quick test for you fellas on the prowl. (thanks stevie nixed)

and according to the gay test, i'm only 34% gay. that's less gay than average for someone of your gender and supposed orientation. the typical straight guy is 39% gay!

saturday night, i went with adam to the slow bar to catch grimey's cover band, the guilty pleasures. after a few songs, some girl came onstage and they performed pat benetar's "shadows of the night". we were sitting in a booth around the corner and couldn't see the stage, but i had to get up and double check to make sure it wasn't really her. because in the year 2002, it very well could've been.

finally, bitch, please! two minutes is an eternity.

now playing:
the warlocks - rise and fall cd
the avalanches - since i left you cd
pete shelley - homosapien cd
the secrets - thin cities ep cd