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TUE 07 MAY 02 | 10:55 CDT
insomnia is a beast. i finally fell asleep around 4:00 this morning, but not before tossing and turning for four hours. is there something heavy on my mind? other than finding a job, i can't think of anything. hmmm...maybe it was something i ate.

remember julie the mormon from "real world - new orleans"? yup, she has a blog too.

thank you, steve jobs.

>>>UPDATE | 16:57 CDT
where's my ky jelly? i just got back from the record store where i sold two boxes of better than average trade-in stuff (velvet underground, wire, x, pere ubu, etc), and i walked away with a lousy 5. that averages out to about per record. that also averages out to "hey fool, think twice before you bring more stuff in here." now that grimey has gone into business with that ex-great escape guy, buyback prices have dropped dramatically. shit, that's why i didn't want to go to the great escape in the first place!<<<

now playing:
smog - rain on lens cd
cake like - bruiser queen cd
hole - live through this cd
the church - heyday lp
the church - stafish lp

MON 06 MAY 02 | 11:16 CDT
why don't the good shows stay on tv? i suspect, though, that this may have been a mutual decision between mr. galifianakis and vh1. now the country knows who he is, and vh1 can go back to their normally banal programming. "100 greatest one-hit wonders," anybody? i wonder how many interview snippets there will be with dee snider and/or david fricke.

who doesn't like saving money?

pothead ruffians get their revenge on hollywood.

children get their revenge on gary glitter.

oy vey! yiddish is saved!

now playing:
the asteroid #4 - introducing... cd
bob dylan - the freewheelin' bob dylan cd
the customers - green bottle thursday cd
velvet underground - white light/white heat lp
neil young & crazy horse - everybody knows this is nowhere lp

FRI 03 MAY 02 | 10:42 CDT
in lieu of any "real" events happening today, here is a list of next week's record releases that may interest a few people:

bratmobile - girls get busy (lookout!)
bright eyes - there is no beginning to the story (ep) (saddle creek)
crooked fingers - reservoir songs (merge)
dave davies - bug (koch progressive)
elf power - creatures (spinart)
french kicks - one time bells (star time)
the gossip - arkansas heat (ep) (kill rock stars)
little wings - wonderue (k)
the makers - strangest parade (sub pop)
my morning jacket - chocolate and ice (ep) (badman)
the paybacks - knock loud (get hip)
radar brothers - and the surrounding mountains (merge)
resonars - lunar kit (get hip)
strapping fieldhands - the third kingdom (omphalos)
tom waits - alice (anti/epitaph)
tom waits - blood money (anti/epitaph)

i've never enjoyed playing video games all that much, but there's apparently going to be a new version of toe jam & earl for the x-box. if this means anything to you, then congratulations! if not, join the rest of us.

the lord works in mysterious ways -- even file-swapping.

now playing:
the breeders - title tk cd
the soundtrack of our lives - welcome to the infant freebase cd
rolling stones - let it bleed lp
small faces - ogden's nut gone flake lp

THU 02 MAY 02 | 11:02 CDT
tracks from the breeders' forthcoming lp, title tk, are circulating the download sites as we speak. i haven't decided whether or not i want to hear them yet. after waiting nine long years for another album, the fear of disappointment weighs heavy on my mind. on a related note: the breeders are scheduled to perform on late night with conan o'brien on the 21st (the day of the album's release).

>>>UPDATE | 13:10 CDT
i went ahead and downloaded the whole album. it may be a grower, but i think it's more likely that my fears have been realized. it's not a total wash-out, though. at least "london", "sinister foxx", and "the she" were worth the wait.<<<

that picture of nina hagen posted at the pseubraunblog almost makes her look attractive...almost.

dr. funk seems to be obsessed with the number of hits his page receives, and how people are not clicking on his links. i'd consider installing some sort of counting mechanism here, if i didn't think it was a total vanity concept.

"how do you record a vinyl lp and burn it to cd?" i get asked this question a lot. this is about the best step-by-step explanation i can find.

and speaking of tech tv, my personal favorite tech girl, cat, haphazardly maintains a blog of her own here. or, if you're feeling more voyeuristic, peep her office-cam.

now playing:
frank black - s/t cd
wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot cd
bad religion - the process of belief cd
pixies - surfer rosa lp
robyn hitchcock - groovy decoy lp

MON 29 APR 02 | 11:55 CDT
steve burns, host of nickelodeon's "blue's clues" and off-the-radar recording artist, steps down today to make room for this guy. hey joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?

just in case you've forgotten, please revisit hatt baby. and if you're so inclined, acquaint yourself with the richard kiel experience.

saturday evening, i went to a q&a session at vanderbilt's ingram hall with steve earle. not only is he a superb musician and songwriter, but he's also a poet, aspiring novelist, and playwright. he also had a lot of insight on the current state of the music industry. but it was the personal stories he told about writing, touring, and his maturation as a songwriter that were the most memorable. i'm just glad i didn't wimp out and not go at the last minute (like i'm prone to do).

now playing:
the soundtrack of our lives - extended revelation for the psychic weaklings of western civilization cd
glossary - this is all we've learned about living cd
sparks - indiscreet lp
sparks - kimono my house lp
david bowie - lodger lp

SAT 27 APR 02 | 01:11 CDT
this marks a significant first for us, friends. what you'll read below is the first piece of reactionary hate mail i've ever received here at the ol' rub:

Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 22:32:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Veronica Inge ""
Subject: asshole
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii

You dumb fuck, what you said about the late Lisa Lopes was foul. Saying what said only proves that you are a untalented fuck face, that does not deserve to live. It should have been you in that crash in stead of Left eye. You busted ass basterd, I'm glad I dont know you because I would stump the shit out of yo' face, if i did. oh....... and i don't mind you emailing me back, because i have alot more to say... When left eye wrote " no scrubs," it was clear she was talking about you...prick. You must be white.

now, i'm not exactly sure what this angry reader is referring to. dead celebrities in general are subject to a fair amount of jokes before they slip away from public consciousness. i could have rambled on about how much i liked tlc, how many times i've listened to their albums on sunny afternoons, and how i was once obsessed with tlc member t-boz. but, i didn't. i made a joke to ease tension. so, miss inge, you grieve your way and i'll grieve mine.

>>>UPDATE | 01:40 CDT
it appears that email was not sent because of what was written here, but what was written on the i love music forum. and i was not the only one she chose to verbally beat up via email. girl's got a major chip on her shoulder, it appears.<<<

much sadder news was revealed to us today via the fmbb. our longtime friend jon wesley committed suicide this past wednesday in his kitchener, ontario home. his passion for chan marshall initially left us all dumbfounded, but later had us all rooting for him. during his entire stay, his contributions made nearly no sense on surface but underneath there was something else. something i can't sum up in just a few words. plans to honor his life with us are in the formative stages and hopefully will progress into something wonderful and memorable. channy loves you too, jon.

>>>UPDATE | 17:43 CDT
jon's obituary may be viewed here.<<<

now playing:
moonshake - the sound your eyes can follow cd
cake like - goodbye, so what cd
cat power - what would the community think cd (for jon)

FRI 26 APR 02 | 10:29 CDT
former condom-wearing arsonist and tlc backgrounder, lisa "left eye" lopes perished last evening in an auto accident while vacationing in honduras. i guess she should have been keeping that left eye on the road, no?

in other strange music news, this was found while sniffing around the e! site. marilyn manson, coke dealer?

the resident token french guy on the fmbb, eric, sent me a package full of goodies yesterday. included were two albums from the fall, and a sampler containing neu, can, faust, and acid mothers temple. all good stuff! thank you, french guy.

don't forget to watch belle & sebastian tonight on conan. i imagine they'll be playing something new.

and on the subject of late night tv musical performances, did anyone else catch sheryl crow performing with liz phair on the tonight show? one of those girls came across as completely tone deaf. furthermore, liz phair is now a total mainstream american entity. is this really the same girl who sang "fuck and run" in 1993 and led the charge of the empowered indie girl revolution? now, she's little more than a tan beach bunny who pitches the ipod. shameful.

now playing:
this mortal coil - filigree & shadow cd
the fall - this nation's saving grace cd
the fall - the unutterable cd
various artists - eric's psych/kraut mixer cd
wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot cd
velvet underground - loaded lp
big star - 3rd lp
big star - radio city lp

THU 25 APR 02 | 10:52 CDT
a lot has been made of my comments about the guided by voices show i attended last weekend. i would now like to set the record straight if possible. i was a gbv fan for a long time. so much so, that i suffered from burnout. now that i've given myself four years off from the band, i was all ready to dive back in and love them just as much as before. that just simply isn't the case so far, though. less interesting material has been released over the past four years, and based on what i've heard of the forthcoming album, it seems to be the future trend as well. this has nothing to do with what label they record for and/or how credible they've become in the "indie" community. puh-lease! i'm shallow about some aspects of my life, but not about music. so if anyone's going to bring me any more attitude about the blurb i wrote for the show, it will land on deaf ears. i've already made myself clear.

now playing:
the soundtrack of our lives - behind the music cd
belle & sebastian - ep's compilation cd-r
beck - midnite vultures cd
xtc - black sea lp

TUE 23 APR 02 | 14:41 CDT
the buzzcocks have made a compilation cd of live performances from 1993-2001 available for purchase at their site. if you're interested, get to it. they only made 2,000.

cheap trick drummer, bun e. carlos, has also made an internet-only cd available. going by the title bun e's basement bootlegs (vol. 3), it's reportedly an album of all covers. at nearly , i imagine it's only necessary for the most devoted of fans.

i was going to post a list of new releases to look out for next week, but the only thing that seems appealing is the new walkmen single, the blizzard of '96. isn't springtime supposed to be big on good releases?

now playing:
eels - souljacker cd
billy bragg & wilco - mermaid avenue cd
damon & naomi - with ghost cd
dramarama - box office bomb lp

MON 22 APR 02 | 15:25 CDT
last year's indie darlings, the shins, are scheduled to perform this thursday (the 25th) on vh1's late world with zach. the show itself is great, by the way.

jerry belsner's nightmare

guided by voices -- yes, i was there. i was there and i was bored. aside from a couple of great songs, all the new album's material is pretty drab. why bob felt the need to play every song from the album, i don't know. approximately halfway through the tedious set, i wandered outside and listened from the deck where i sipped water and smoked almost an entire pack of cigarettes. for years, i complained about how short most guided by voices songs were. now that they're longer (but much less interesting), it's just wrong -- wrong!

fmbb old-timer oliver kneale made a rare appearance to report the following frank black news: possibly two new albums this year?

this is probably old news for sci-fi geeks, but apple/quicktime now has no less than four trailers for the next star wars film up and available for your viewing pleasure. despite the horrible name and the fact that jar-jar is making another appearance, it doesn't look to be so bad.

>>>UPDATE | 18:33 CDT
karl at the official weezer site has started making new demos available again. as of this posting, there are two new songs titled 'yellow camaro' and 'private message' available for download. initial impression: fan-damn-tastic!

now playing:
guv'ner - hard for measy for you lp
ron sexsmith - blue boy cd
lee ranaldo - from here to infinity cd
life without buildings - any other city cd
wire - chairs missing cd

SAT 20 APR 02 | 12:35 CDT
is grunge dead? well, part of it is. layne staley of alice in chains was found dead in his home yesterday afternoon of an apparent overdose.

wilco stops by the late show with david letterman on the 30th of this month to play a song or two from their new album, yankee hotel foxtrot. have i mentioned yet that this album is completely amazing?

do you watch trading spaces? and do you watch mtv's sex in the 90's special reports whenever they rerun them? do the two have a common thread? you might say no, but i found out that designer/dreamgirl genevieve gorder appeared on one of the sex in the 90's episodes titled "what women want." i hear that she speaks on the joys of sinful!

now playing:
wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot cd
scott walker - tilt cd
hefner - dead media cd
bill rieflin & chris connelly - largo cd
big star - #1 record lp

WED 17 APR 02 | 13:58 CDT
according to karl at the official weezer site, a german company has repressed copies of the first "blue" album on vinyl. imagine the surprise of finding this information finally printed there, considering i am the one who emailed him about finding it listed on a swedish (german, actually) mailorder site sometime back in february. what a scene stealer!

guided by voices is once again going to grace nashville with an appearance this weekend at the exit/in. tickets are and should still be available at the door upon arrival. a few more upcoming shows of interest include:

connells @ exit/in 17 APR
beulah @ slow bar 24 APR
the faint @ exit/in 02 MAY
jay bennett (formerly of wilco) @ slow bar 02 MAY
mike watt @ the end 02 MAY
les savvy fav @ the end 07 MAY
the long winters w/ ken stringfellow @ slow bar 12 MAY
jimmy eat world @ exit/in 17 MAY

belle & sebastian fans take note: they will be performing on late night with conan o'brien this month (the 26th, to be exact).

have you ever seen suburbia? no. not the ridiculous big studio slacker homage from 1995. the old penelope spheeris-directed, roger corman-produced punk tale from 1983. it's apparently been available now on dvd for close to two years, but no one told me. boy howdy, this movie brings back great memories.

the covers project is a new undertaking that is growing by leaps and bounds every hour. i've personally submitted between 300 and 400 entries. don't even go there unless you have time available to kill.

the obligatory "now playing" list makes its first appearance on the rub:
gang of four - entertainment lp
the clash - s/t lp
the optic nerve - forever and a day cd
the go - whatcha doin' cd
bad religion - the new america cd
beck - odelay cd
luna - romantica cd
wilco - yankee hotel foxtrot cd

this concludes the inaugural posting.