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FRI 26 JUL 02 | 16:50 CDT
case in point re: 'the world is more odd than usual' -- i was just outside a moment ago and an older couple who usually remain very quiet just pulled up and parked their car. as they were getting out, the prim and proper wife stood up and dug in the rear of her shorts pulling the underwear from her crack and exclaiming, 'goddamned wedgie!' huh.

FRI 26 JUL 02 | 16:32 CDT
something strange is going on today. i can't put my finger on it, but the world is more odd than usual.

martin has finally joined the other fmbbers who've started keeping blogs. please read his blog so he feels loved.

i'm sure this is old news, but dictionaraoke is a riot. particular favorites include 'how soon is now?' and 'i wanna be sedated.' i was actually even motivated to work on a song of my own, but i lost interest once i got to the second verse. i may resume it later and post the results (green day's 'long view') here.

wednesday night's wilco show wasn't quite the event of the year, but it was completely enjoyable and a nice diversion. they played most of 'yankee hotel foxtrot' and a few others i recognized. seemingly ignoring the hot and humid weather, they soldiered on through a two hour set. preston school of industry, while competent as musicians, showcased some of the poorest material i've heard in a long time. which makes me wonder...have any of pavement's members benefitted from the band's breakup? the answer is a resounding 'no!'

so, what are my plans for friday night? i'm going through all my clothes and getting rid of the things i don't wear anymore. i own way too many articles of clothing -- sadly, a majority of them are either too small or too ragged to be worn anywhere outside the apartment.

looking for great desktop wallpaper? try deviant art. the best stuff is catalogued in the 'minimalism' section.

[on air: sleater-kinney - one beat cd]

WED 24 JUL 02 | 11:47 CDT
i stumble across things after everyone else does, usually. this time, it's fischerspooner. i downloaded the album from soulseek last night, and i'm rather impressed with at least half of the songs. i first discovered them back in may when i was making the 'profane birthday mix cd' for toby (i included the song 'fucker'), but that's one of the lesser songs on the album. apparently, 'emerge' was a big single or something -- how'd i miss that? i guess my favorite is 'the 15th,' though. i love wire covers. it's almost as good as mike watt's cover of the same song.

tonight, i'm off to see wilco and preston school of industry at the uptown mix here in nashville. originally, glossary were supposed to open the show. everything musical in nashville has its own politics. they got ousted in favor of another band (the bees) that employs the son of someone famous. maybe they'll be good, maybe they won't. i haven't heard them.

i'm hard at work on a major redesign for the blog. i hope to have it in place by the first of the month, so cross your fingers.

[on air: gang of four - 100 flowers bloom cd (disc 1)]

TUE 23 JUL 02 | 22:14 CDT
i'm finding it harder and harder to write anything interesting. some may say that the writing here has never been interesting anyway, but i'm even beginning to bore myself. i read a lot of blogs and other people seem to have no problem spitting out their thoughts with wit and eloquence. i have a shortage of both, i'm sad to say. i imagine it comes from reading. the truth is, i only read about one book a year. i imagine that if i got into the swing of reading on a regular basis, my mind would have an easier time of constructing paragraphs that are inviting for others to read. as it is now, though, i have to think way too hard to produce so little. blah...

the mole report: i was wrong again! al was executed tonight, which obviously means he wasn't the mole. i just can't seem to get a handle on the players this year. the first year was so easy. i had kathryn pegged from the second week.

over the past weekend, i changed the font on the blog from 8 pt. arial to 6 pt. verdana. i had complaints from several readers that the text became impossible to read. i could see it just fine, so i don't know what the problem was exactly. nonetheless, i changed it back in hopes the bitching would subside. it did.

[on air: ramones - all the stuff (and more) vol. 2 cd]

SUN 21 JUL 02 | 02:01 CDT
i decided to bring back the mp3 section to the blog. two songs every week for you to download, always at 192kbps or better.

this installment delivers the styrenes from their 1998 album, 'we care, so you don't have to.' originally they date back to the early 70's cleveland scene with pere ubu and the pagans, but went through an extended recording hiatus. baseball and life, man. it's just so fucking weird...

also featured is the ukrainians' take on the smiths' 'bigmouth strikes again.' i don't speak a word of ukrainian, but that apparently translates into 'batyar.' features former members of the wedding present.

SUN 21 JUL 02 | 01:13 CDT
i've been a regular on the internet since late in 1997. during that time, i've become acquainted with many people from many different places. some of them, i imagine, read 'the rub' and i'd like to take a moment to acknowledge them:

courtney - she was one of the first people i met in the yahoo chatrooms. over the last five years, we've maintained pretty loose contact -- going months at a time without talking to one another -- but we continue to remain close friends. we do talk on the phone from time to time, and those conversations usually approach the four hour mark. oddly enough, we've never met in person. i don't know if that's good or bad, because i'd probably clam up and become a bore. i secretly wish she was my girlfriend

martin - i first met him on the fmbb. he was fresh out of high school at that point, but was already very educated with regards to indie rock. we did actually meet a couple of times. during the time i've known him, he's gone through two great bands and now is doing his own thing. i haven't heard any of it yet, but i can't wait. word is he may swing south sometime next month. hopefully, we can meet up and throw back a few drinks.

vic - i also met him on the fmbb. others have commented on the bizarre relationship that exists between us. comments are welcome, because i don't know that we even have a relationship. i've often been the butt of jokes and insults, but in retrospect, i probably deserved every single one of them. he's a wealth of knowledge and has a monstrous dry wit. i secretly wish he was my boyfriend

meghan - oh, where do i begin with her? two lost souls in yahoo chat that found each other amid the sea of idiots and smartasses. she came for a visit earlier this year, and was bored to death. we watched tv and slept. then we went out for a bit, came back and watched tv and slept some more. she seems to be fond of canadians. maybe i should set her up with vic.

jon - he was an enigma. in fact, i don't even know if his real name was jon. we talked about music and skateboarding and graphic design. then he got married and no one ever heard from him again. i hope he's doing well.

matt (aka msp) - first showed up in yahoo chat, then migrated to the fmbb. the weird thing is we've both been in nashville for the past year and have only been social about four or five times. now he's moving west again with his wife and baby. what kind of anti-social dork am i?

amy - most people know her as "dots." i don't think she listens to as much stereolab as she used to, but she was once hardcore. she stays busy now and doesn't come online very often, but when she does it's just like old times.

dan - i met him on the archers of loaf message board that i maintain. his taste in music is mostly horrible, and he's pretty much a smartass, but i dig anybody who can eat almost forty pieces of pizza in one sitting. plus, he let me play bass with his band during a show. bitchin'!

this list is by no means comprehensive, and even those who are mentioned haven't received as much of a write-up as they deserve, but i just wanted to say thanks to each of them for what they've given me during my five years on the internet.

this place will return to normal tomorrow. whether that's good or bad is your decision...

[on air: the styrenes - we care, so you don't have to cd]

WED 17 JUL 02 | 12:05 CDT
the all tomorrow's parties list of future event announcements just keeps getting longer and longer. the newest addition is stephen malkmus & the jicks.

los lobos joins the small group of respectable bands who have done theme songs for television shows. anyone remember 'get a life?' yeah, i wasn't talking about that one...

[on air: pj harvey - rid of me cd]

TUE 16 JUL 02 | 23:19 CDT
according to the lastest update on the band's matador records page, belle & sebastian have moved on. what a drag. apparently, they've hooked up with rough trade. this just makes me wonder what all the smiths-hating b&s fans are talking about right now. tired of people comparing b&s to the smiths all the time? well, now there's even more ammunition, friends.

last night's show was 2/3 great, 1/3 shit. if anyone ever catches me listening to beachwood sparks again, kill me on the spot. it's obvious that i've lost control of my good sense. i've never had a strong opinion on them one way or the other until seeing them live. i can honestly say i've never seen a more uninteresting and overtly pathetic band in my entire life. the shins and treasure state were on the money and thoroughly entertaining, though. treasure state especially, because i'd a) not known they were going to be there and b) never even heard them before. if the five songs they squeezed into their twenty-five minute set were any indication of the material on their first album, it could make my year-end top ten (with spaces to spare).

the mole report: bribs was executed. i currently think that al is the mole.

[on air: yeah yeah yeahs - s/t ep cd]

MON 15 JUL 02 | 11:29 CDT
wire has announced some north american tour dates. the closest they come to me is atlanta, but i'm thinking it just might be worth the drive.

according to rolling stone, madonna's doing the song for the new james bond film, 'die another day,' and makes a cameo in the picture. interesting to no one but me, i imagine.

the shins are making another stop in nashville tonight with the beachwood sparks (eh...) at the slow bar. i saw them last august or september at the same venue and it was packed then. i'm assuming there won't even be room to breathe tonight. adam's happy, though, because he's never seen them before.

what's the male equivalent of being an 'old maid?' every once in a while, i start worrying...

[on air: tool - ænema cd]

FRI 12 JUL 02 | 18:45 CDT
now meghan wants a toaster on her blog. ok, whatever.

check out the work of dc artist matthew sesow. the rate at which he churns out paintings is equivalent to the rate at which bob pollard churns out two-minute gems. astonishing...this one is currently gracing my desktop.

would you believe me if i told you i'd never seen 'the graduate?' well, believe it. i'm about to remedy that right now, though. dustin hoffman and anne bancroft -- how could i go wrong?

[on air: anti-pop consortium - arrythmia cd]

WED 10 JUL 02 | 12:10 CDT
i'm getting the message out. according to my nedstat tracker, someone actually found this page on google by searching 'hilary rosen + bitch' yesterday.

okay, now that this season of the real world on mtv has ended, i'm going to indulge in a little breakdown of each participant:

chris - was he there for any other reason besides his homosexuality? one of the most non-descript, unmoving characters in the show's history. sure, he says he used to be overweight and he's a recovering alcoholic. but those things are behind him, it seems, and he really did nothing to make the show more interesting at all.

kyle - i liked kyle. i don't know why. it was obvious that his whole 'thing' was a complete put-on, but often played the peacemaker role without seeming like too much of a weiner. early on, i'd hoped he would quit whining about his ex-girlfriend and move on. but it ended up being even better that he kept shooting keri down.

keri - was anyone else reminded of a duck when watching keri on tv? her lips had a very distinct 'bill' quality about them. oh, and she was a brat and a half.

aneesa - thank god they quit focusing on the fact that aneesa likes to not wear clothes around the house pretty early on. too much jiggly business going on! but seriously, someone needs to take that girl aside and show her how to look for a partner. she's got the absolute worst taste in women i've ever seen.

tonya - 'oh, look at me. i was in foster care and i'm always sick. so you'll have to put up with me being a bitch five out of the seven days in the week.' if your medical bills were such a fucking problem, why'd you buy the plastic boobs?

theo - didn't get into him at the beginning, but liked him a lot by the end. don't they always do that to us with the young black male character?

cara - my favorite from the beginning. in fact, i wish she were my girlfriend so we could sing quaint folky tunes at the coffee bar and then go back home so she could 'make out with a rockstar.' (

i think it's probably a bit early, but there's a 'reunion' show next tuesday. i'll be glued.

[on air: hope sandoval & the warm inventions - bavarian fruit bread cd]

TUE 09 JUL 02 | 22:56 CDT
well, darwin's not  the mole. crap! i thought i had him pegged from the beginning like i did during the first season with kathryn. now i'll have to regroup and come up with another suspect. i really hate being wrong.

[on air: trash can sinatras - cake cd]

TUE 09 JUL 02 | 16:02 CDT
janis ian, whose last radio hit came the year after i was born, attacks the riaa and naras with this article. everyone knows hilary rosen is full of it, but janis goes out of her way to prove this point by point.

while there may never be another file-sharing service on par with audiogalaxy, soulseek has really come into its own over the last week or so. i started using it the same day audiogalaxy closed down, but there wasn't much of a catalog from which to choose. but now, people are flooding the community with all manner of indie rock, classics, and 80's brit-pop. it's heaven, friends.

part of me feels a little bad for invading the small electronic music community that existed there for a long time. however, the fact that the rest of us are there shouldn't interfere with their fileswapping and i've actually been able to find things so obscure they were never even on audiogalaxy.

[on air: frank black & the catholics - devil's workshop cd]

MON 08 JUL 02 | 01:31 CDT
saturday evening sent adam and me on a wild quest through three local blockbuster video locations in search of the beatles anthology tapes. seems none of them carry the set anymore because they're downsizing the vhs stock of the stores. since it's yet to be released on dvd, we found ourselves out of luck. a guy at the first store actually recommended i go to best buy. okay, um...if i wanted to pay the hundred-something dollars to own the set, i wouldn't be coming to your crappy video store, would i? anyway, we ended up renting 'on the ropes,' an excellent documentary on amateur boxing in new york. i can't say enough good things about it. rent it if you get the chance. we also decided to get 'the filth and the fury,' but we haven't bothered to watch it yet.

i've also been spending an inordinate amount of time at if you go, do be sure to check out strong bad's email section.

oh, and meghan! i'll get to redesigning your blog when i have a good idea. after last week's fiasco, i want to make sure it's something you'll be happy with for awhile (because i'm not doing it again in the near future).

[on air: mull historical society - loss cd]

SAT 06 JUL 02 | 15:42 CDT
bon jovi still appreciates their fans. i imagine they have to if they want to keep food on the table. but that's beside the point. right now, you can go to their website and vote on the name of their next album. fortunately, there's a write-in box, because the pre-assigned choices are pathetic.

director john frankenheimer has died. he's left behind an impressive catalog of work, including one of my favorites, 'the manchurian candidate.'

one of the best online timekillers i've found in a long time is this flash putt-putt golf game. (link snatched from the rezidence)

[on air: flaming lips - yoshimi battles the pink robots cd]

THU 04 JUL 02 | 00:54 CDT
set aside 20 or 30 minutes of free time and watch the demented cartoon movie. you'll either be compelled to immediately view it again and laugh at your favorite parts (eventhough it's simple, the timing is genius), or you will hunt me down and kill me for even bringing it to your attention.

zeeky boogy doog!

WED 03 JUL 02 | 12:17 CDT
the next time you hear eminem go on about what a badass he is, just remember that he used to drive a purple mustang.

while yesterday was relatively weak for new music releases, next tuesday brings us the pixies original demo material. informally known as 'the purple tape,' these are the songs that won them the 4ad contract (with some actually moving on to 'come on pilgrim'). more information can be found at spinArt's site.

i still maintain that the mole is darwin.

[on air: pernice brothers - the world won't end cd]

TUE 02 JUL 02 | 23:35 CDT
yes friends, meghan is a complainer. i redesigned her blog last night and i've heard nothing but complaints about it all day long. fair enough, i suppose. but in the email she sent me prior to the redesign, she said '...i fully trust your judgement, paul cox.' all i can say is that there isn't anything remotely scary about the picture at the top. unless she was traumatized by a smileyface in her childhood, she's overreacting. i'll begrudgingly change the design if she really wants me to, but i'll be doing it under protest.

[on air: bad religion - generator cd]

TUE 02 JUL 02 | 11:19 CDT
well, it looks like one of those rich idiots was finally able to get the job done. i'd rather do it by plane.

i finally got my grubby mits on the dvd of the rolling stones documentary, 'gimme shelter.' i'll be watching that within the hour as i begin my weekly loads of laundry. can't wait.

taking a cue from dr. funk and a few others, here's a middle-of-the-year list of the best records i've heard with some of the most deliberately vague descriptions ever:

doves - 'the last broadcast' - a remarkable improvement upon the debut. the scope of this record almost exceeds the band's capabilites in certain spots, but it's otherwise flawless.

david bowie - 'heathen' - as mentioned on here before, it's his deepest, best sounding album since 1979's 'lodger.' impressive take on the pixies, as well.

luna - 'romantica' - dean wareham finally gets back on track with this album after spending close to eight years in the wilderness of mediocrity. 'lovedust' may be the best song he's written since 'california (all the way).'

sonic youth - 'murray street' - another case of an old favorite letting me down for several years and then, out of nowhere, releasing one of their best albums ever. my condolences to dr. funk for not being able to appreciate this album for some reason.

south - 'from here on in' - this band will one day be an old favorite of mine (hopefully they'll last), and somewhere down the road i'll be complaining that they just don't make albums as great as this one. i hope they prove me wrong.

jon spencer blues explosion - 'plastic fang' - this is an album that gets much better upon repeated listening. a 'grower?'

sleater-kinney - 'one beat' - i know it's not officially released yet, but who cares. like jsbx, it gets better upon repeated listening. but this is an album that's instantly gratifying as well.

i know i left off the wilco album, but that's because you can read varying opinions about it in several places, and i'm simply tired of talking about it. also missing is the new breeders album. why? because it's terrible.

no sign of any spiders last night, but i haven't really had an opportunity to use my brains yet today. are they still there?

[on air: doves - the last broadcast cd]

MON 01 JUL 02 | 14:30 CDT
i am so tired today. i had to sleep on the couch last night because a spider got into my room and then 'disappeared.' the last place i saw it was on my bed, though, and there's no way i was going to lay there all night long and give it ample opportunity to suck out my brains. ugh, spiders are creepy.

russia has released their findings with regards to the kursk. easily the most bothersome maritime disaster in recent memory.

sometimes, flash animation reaches a new level. watch nosepilot.

there's a weirdo out there. well yes, there's plenty of weirdos out there, but the police say they can't do anything about this one.

murder-suicide in kenyan hotel. look out for the amazing twist...

[on air: jonathan fire*eater - s/t cd]