SUN 18 AUG | 12:57 CDT
It's come to my attention that The Czars have recorded a version of one of the most beautiful songs ever written -- Tim Buckley's "Song To the Siren." I'd heard a couple of their other songs before, but had no idea they could accomplish this degree of recorded brilliance.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a week-long vacation in Florida, where I'll be spending time with my parents, my brother, and his pregnant wife. I'll have access to a computer and may write and entry or two, but that all depends on what's going on. So bye for now. I'll see you in a week...

Before I leave, I just wanted to throw on a couple of new songs for your weekly downloads.

The first track is by Norwegian singer-songwriter, St. Thomas. The album was released on Misra earlier this year for US listeners, but it's apparently a big hit back in the homeland. His falsetto is eerily similar to that of Neil Young, and the songs could have fit snugly in the confines of After the Gold Rush, but he's not without some ideas of his own.

The other track is pulled from the final Hüsker Dü album, Warehouse: Songs and Stories. "It's Not Peculiar" has always been, to me at least, one of the best songs Bob Mould wrote during that stage of his career. I always wonder what another album from Hüsker Dü would have sounded like, given the more melodic direction they continually headed.

SAT 17 AUG | 17:08 CDT
I downloaded the latest Primal Scream album, Evil Heat, last night. Initially, I found the whole affair pretty mediocre and cold. But upon listening to it a couple more times, it's opening up in a few different directions. Tracks like "Autobahn 66" are expanding on what we all heard with XTRMNTR while taking (rather obvious) notes from Kraftwerk. "Rise" is a thudding monster of a song, as is "City." It seems Bobby's decided to go back and further explore the garage band roots Primal Scream was known for in the beginning. Now, listening to it for the fourth time, I'm wanting to brand it the best Primal Scream record since the 1989 self-titled effort. It's nice to see the "rock" side of Bobby Gillespie's personality experience this kind of rebirth.

In case you missed it the first time, Henry Rollins' "Up For It" is being re-broadcast on Comedy Central at 1:30 AM CDT tomorrow morning. Set your vcr or whatever you need to do. It's worth catching.

NP: Primal Scream - Evil Heat CD

FRI 16 AUG | 23:06 CDT
Since today marks the 25th anniversary of Elvis's death, I thought I'd pay my respects by having a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. Unfortunately, there wasn't a single banana to be found in the whole apartment (and the bread was moldy, so I threw it out). I tried, King. Rest in piece.

NP: Sodastream - The Hill For Company CD

FRI 16 AUG | 16:13 CDT
I was wondering what was taking the page so long to load, and Martin figured out that the script that was linking the comments was pointed toward a slow server. Sadly, I had to ditch all the previous comments when I got rid of it. But I'm currently looking for another option and will hopefully have it put up soon.

NP: Chicks on Speed - Will Save Us All CD

THU 15 AUG | 22:30 CDT
Sebastian has taken on Blogcritics by saying "the two reviews I read are enough to put a legal suit out against them to drop the "best" from their description."

After visiting their site for the first time, I'm fully inclined to agree. While I understand that it's possible a lot of us have become jaded by knowing where to look for great music writing, I have a feeling I can still recognize genuinely poor, shallow writing when I see it (note the frequent self-deprecating remarks I make about my own work).

In short, Blogcritics is a total waste of time. You may as well be reading the reviews in People Magazine.

NP: The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico CD

THU 15 AUG | 13:41 CDT
Few guitarists have a sound so distinctive that a listener can tell who's playing by just hearing a few notes. Jimi Hendrix is one. Clapton's another. And, of course, there's Edward Van Halen. But there's another guitarist who doesn't get mentioned along with the greats all that often. He was born Saul Hudson, but you may know him better as Slash.

Appetite For Destruction is a white-hot guitar masterpiece. Obvious highlights are the intros to both "Welcome To the Jungle" and "Sweet Child O' Mine," but some of the most interesting guitar is buried in the verses of the lesser songs on the album. In 1987, hard rock had all but dismissed pedals and effects from the 60's and 70's. Everything was squeaky clean and highly processed. Slash came along and re-introduced the "wah" pedal to an entire generation of up and comers. Just take a listen to the "Shaft"-like funk shit in the middle of "Mr. Brownstone." The tones he pulls out of his Les Paul/Marshall combo aren't only amazing -- they're some of the greatest examples of hard rock guitar ever.

But it doesn't stop there. Skip ahead to "Think About You" and listen to the arpeggiated acoustic guitar line behind the chorus. Not an obvious arrangement choice by any means. "Anything Goes" is both meaty and bare, and the shifts take place in fractions of a second. The talkbox "catch" at the end of solo is great. Peter Frampton and Richie Sambora could learn a thing or two.

Finally, the album's closer and ultimate peak is "Rocket Queen." The chorusy swells during the first minute are perfect, and then the chugging rhythm line kicks in and shifts the song into gear. Eventually, the pre-solo solo with the detached sounding slide work takes the Edge to task for "Bullet the Blue Sky." But then the song changes direction again, building to an absolute finale. Axl wants us to know that he cares. Melodic and anthemic, with clear and simple structure, it's the "Hey Jude" of Appetite For Destruction.

Sure it's been ten years since the last proper Guns N' Roses album, and rumors of the release of the new one surface every year -- and every year, nothing materializes. But do I really care? Guns N' Roses without Slash may as well be a completely different band.

WED 14 AUG | 22:20 CDT
If you like Phish, it's your day. They've regrouped after a two year hiatus from both touring and recording. Two years? I could be wrong, but isn't that about the norm? I remember when the world cheered as Celine Dion announced she was retiring. We expected at least a decade or more of Celine-free airwaves -- but then she came back after only two years. I'll never forgive her for that.

For those that complain about the use of favorite songs in tv ads, ponder this. Would sites like these be necessary if people weren't actually searching out the songs they've heard and liked? I can understand the point of view that calls this practice "selling out." But I also understand artists like The Shins, Low, and Ladytron lending out their material in exchange for greater exposure (and a little spending money). The very existence of sites that catalog music used on tv proves that the practice is a success.

NP: The Rolling Stones - Between the Buttons CD

TUE 13 AUG | 12:21 CDT
I haven't spoken about my current battle with the company on here before now, because I assumed no one would find it of any interest besides those involved. But so many people are asking why their message boards are disappearing, I'm going to go ahead and make a written record of everything that's transpired over the past month (and especially the past week).

Late June/early July - A patron of the Archers of Loaf message board I run asked if there's anything that can be done about pop-up ads. I recommended he install some pop-up blocking software and relayed the information to Tamara, the "customer service" person. Without any warning or answer of any kind, she comes to the AoL board and alters the text in my post to "deleted for a violation of TOS (terms of service)." We find out that advocating pop-up blocking software is against the rules. Okay. She should have just said something to that effect and let me moderate my own posts.

Several other people on another board already had gripes about Tamara's "service", so I posted that story there and may have slipped in that Tamara is a "cheap whore" or something. Note: she was upset by this fact, but has yet to deny its merit.

Skip to last Sunday & Monday - Rog, a frequent contributor to the FMBB and proprietor of two or three other boards, complains on's help board about thier shoddy customer service and gets banned from posting on the server altogether. His boards are deleted and no explanation is given other than he had violated the TOS agreement. Namdam, another FMBB contributor, follows suit and is also banned from posting on any board. These events anger the lot of us, and we wage a full scale war with Tamara over the matter. Sean, the "president" of, states that we'd better make plans to relocate because they didn't really want us around anymore. Keep in mind, the FMBB community rounds out to about 20 or 25 different message boards. One by one, they start disappearing.

Last Tuesday - I decided to make preparations to relocate the FMBB on another server and did so that afternoon. I made a fatal mistake by posting the link, though. Within 20 minutes, the new board -- on another server -- had been deleted. Sean later stated that he was a friend of the man who ran the other server and had it closed as soon as it was opened. But it didn't stop there. Sean actually followed our discussion over to the PRL board, one of the only boards at that time which wasn't hosted by, and basically told us that he was going to make our move as hard as he possibly could. Now, remember -- he's the "president" of a company. Doesn't he have more presidential things to be doing?

Last Wednesday & Thursday - The "post article" button is removed from the FMBB and it's blacked out making existing posts nearly impossible to read and making new posts impossible altogether. Before the end of the day, most people were alerted to the new location of the FMBB on yet another service provider -- The old FMBB, a community that had existed for over four years at that URL, now stood in ruins.

Today - The two other boards I maintained on the servers, the AoL board and also a private board I keep to chat with a few friends, were both closed. Neither of these boards' patrons had been alerted to the war with and have been most likely shocked about their disappearance today. I've gotten in touch with everyone from the private board and they now know what's happening, but I'm hoping that the patrons of the AoL board will find their way here and learn about why the board was shut down and what the URL for the new board is. I'm sorry you guys got caught in the middle of this, because it didn't have anything to do with you. It had to do with grudges being held by Sean and Tamara for being called out on bad customer service and lousy business sense. Fuck!

NP: Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones CD

MON 12 AUG | 17:09 CDT
After a small blurb report by CMJ last Friday, Matador Records confirms today that they've indeed partnered with UK-based Beggars Group. This obviously makes much more sense than their previous affiliations with Atlantic and Capitol, and hopefully they'll be able to pour some more money into building a bigger and better release schedule. In case you haven't noticed, they're not putting out as many records as they used to...

NP: Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot CD

MON 12 AUG | 01:32 CDT
Shut up, you fucking baby! Yes, that's the name of the 2CD set Sub Pop will be releasing on November 5th. What's on the cd? Why, it's a collection of recordings from the David Cross tour earlier this year (which I unfortunately missed). Sub Pop's calling it their first "intentional" comedy cd. You mean Chixdiggit wasn't supposed to be a kneeslapper?

I just found out that Lacey had to have her appendix removed a couple days ago. Sheesh! Many well wishes for a full and speedy recovery!

I also just found out that Pere Ubu will be stopping in Nashville on their current tour. The date: September 17th. The venue: The End. I can hardly contain myself. St. Arkansas is much better than I thought it might be, and I'm hoping they'll dig into the late-70's catalog and pull out a few of my favorites. But who knows?

The streaming radio over at Basement-Life is playing the Crooked Fingers track from the new label compilation on Merge. The track is titled "Hurricane" and is much cheerier than any Crooked Fingers song I've ever heard. I don't know whether or not it's included on the upcoming soundtrack CD for Ball of Wax that Bachmann's been working on, or if it's just a throwaway, but I can't imagine it fitting into any plans for an upcoming Fingers record. It's got a good beat and you can dance to it, Dick.

NP: Unrest - B.P.M. 1991-1994 CD

SUN 11 AUG | 00:04 CDT
I have no way of knowing whether or not people are actually downloading the songs I put up each week, so if you are (and you actually like what you hear), please leave a note in the comments or send me an e-mail or something. I'll probably keep putting up two songs every week regardless of any feedback, but I'm curious.

I found this song by Tools You Can Trust on a compilation of Peel Session recordings titled Manchester, So Much To Answer For. The AMG had no information on them, and I was only able to find out through GEMM that they released a pair of albums and as many singles. It's a great bass-driven song and I'm anxious to find out what the rest of their catalog is like. If you know, share the info.

The Mike Watt song is there this time because Martin expressed an interest in hearing it when I mentioned it on the FMBB a few weeks ago. It's taken from the Wire tribute record, Whore, and rivals the original in every aspect.

SAT 10 AUG | 01:13 CDT
Janis Ian follows up on the response given to her from the article she wrote a few weeks ago. I really appreciate her perspective, because we stand on the issue almost exactly the same way. It's just that she polishes the writing up with flowery language and insight that I, frankly, can't provide.

There's a back-and-forth going on between Badgerminor and Fluxblog over the merits of the final Pavement album, Terror Twilight. I haven't listened to the album in question for at least two years (and maybe even longer). But this leaves me wondering if I just naturally grew out of being a Pavement fan, or if I was so overcome with the daily barrage of Pavement talk on the message boards I frequent that it forced me to turn against them. I realize it doesn't help my case that most of the time I spend online just happens to be on message boards that are Matador-related. But I can't help but think that the constant references to Pavement have seeped into my mind and burned me out without ever playing the cd's themselves. Rarely does a day go by that Pavement isn't brought up or referenced in some way. With other bands that people aren't so infatuated with, I have the option of putting the album aside and coming back to it later if I sense there may be a burnout approaching. With Pavement, though, their presence is so overwhelming I can't help but have a reaction of some kind. The sick irony is that I first got online looking for information about Pavement. I guess that, in truth, I don't really dislike Pavement. It's the fans who give me trouble. They just seem to have such a blinding case of tunnel-vision. Rant's over. Go to bed.

NP: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Tender Prey CD

THU 8 AUG | 00:17 CDT
I watched Dogtown and Z-boys tonight. I skated in the 80's, but was never really a "skater." Sure, I bought issues of Thrasher and always had the latest decks and wheels, but I was never ballsy enough to learn the tricks. It wasn't until tonight that I saw the true art behind skating. It really is (or at least it was in the beginning) an extension of the soul. The footage of the kids from the mid-70's skating fluidly around the blacktopped drainage ditches and, later, drained swimming pools was amazing. It was almost like a ballet, as opposed to the physical pyrotechnics skaters exhibit today. I'll definitely be buying my own copy at some point in the future.

Craig Stecyk and Glen Friedman have definitely become a couple of my favorite photographers now. If anyone knows of a place online with an archive of their work, please get in touch with me or leave a note in the comments box.

NP: Iggy & The Stooges - Raw Power CD

WED 7 AUG | 01:36 CDT
Several people have been complaining that they cannot logon to Soulseek anymore. Well, it appears that the main domain they use is currently having some problems. During the interim, you should go to and download the latest version of the p2p client (v.138). No word yet on when the problems will be sorted, but I don't imagine it will be very long.

NP: The Notwist - Neon Golden CD

MON 5 AUG | 13:56 CDT
Radio 4. They've been brought up in several blogs of late, and are never too far from a mention of PIL or Gang of Four. I downloaded the Gotham! cd to see what people were raving and/or complaining about. After a couple of spins, it's obvious that they're influenced by a time period. The specifics are harder to pinpoint, though. They definitely have a stronger grasp on the concept of a melodic chorus than Go4 ever did, and the vocals aren't anywhere near the snotty over-compensating yelps issued by John Lydon. In fact, I hear more elements of Fugazi in the music of Radio 4 than either of their forefathers. I could easily crawl inside this album and not come out for days (which is probably what I'll end up doing), but I'm not going to make any end-of-the-year predictions for it...just yet.

Anonymous girls discuss what they like and hate about guys, their hygiene, their underwear, and masturbation. Probably written entirely by a guy.

NP: Skinny Puppy - Bites CD

SUN 4 AUG | 14:40 CDT
This week's mp3 selections are now up and running. Here's a little detail about each of them:

As mentioned below, Glossary has finished recording their latest album, but no release date is yet known. The band, which has gone through several personnel and style shifts since beginning, has finally settled into a comfortable alt-country/indie rock for twenty-somethings vibe. Check out the dandy pedal steel work by my friend Todd. Yum.

This Crooked Fingers track is taken from the 1999 Sub Pop Singles Club 7" record. I did the vinyl-to-mp3 transfer myself about a year ago, so it sounds pretty good. The song reminds me of Bone Machine-era Tom Waits and is one of Mr. Bachmann's best.

SUN 4 AUG | 02:34 CDT
Another great night for live music. Adam and I ventured over to Murfreesboro to see our old friends the Barrier brothers and their travelling two-band circus. Joey's band, the Natchez Shakers, started it off with some psycho Pogues-like Irish folk punk complete with accordion, penny whistle, and mandolin (in addition to the bass, guitar, and drums). Lots of people on the stage, needless to say. It was the first time I'd heard them, and it was amazing. I'd tell you how to get hold of the cd if I knew a way. Then Joey came back and joined his brother Jamie for The Wednesdays' set. They finished up a three week tour across the country and back with their show tonight. It's been five years since I've seen them and was thinking, for sure, that they've mellowed out during the interval. Not the case at all. If you've never seen them, you've never fully grasped the core essence of rock 'n roll. There's enough energy onstage when they perform to light up New York for a month. I talked to Jamie about taking over their website so it would be updated more regularly and he was all for it. Hopefully, something will pan out. If you've got a few extra bucks to spend, drop it on their latest cd. The song "Three Black Cats" is phenomenal!

Also, I got to talk to Todd Beene about the progress of the upcoming Glossary album, How We Handle Our Midnights. They're still trying to get everything finished up with it and find a label to release it this fall. There are a few interested parties, but it's still pretty much up in the air. He did give me a copy of the rough mixes (which don't sound "rough" at all) and encouraged me to spread them around with the stipulation that people actually buy the cd when it comes out. I'm putting up one of the songs later in the weekly downloads section for the uninitiated.

NP: Glossary - How We Handle Our Midnights CD

SAT 3 AUG | 19:22 CDT
Has Vic left the internet for good? His space on the blog now reads "Dr. Funk: '97-'02." If so, best of luck to him.

MTV is re-running the 10th season of "The Real World" this afternoon. I like being reminded how much Rachel bothers me. And how much I love Coral. But what is this lost season movie I keep seeing commercials about? MTV should have tried harder. None of the people doing "confessionals" in the commercials are convincing at all. I'm guessing that they must be rejects from "Undressed."

I know far too much about MTV shows...

NP: Gillian Welch - Time (The Revelator) CD

SAT 3 AUG | 01:49 CDT
I've just returned from this evening's excursion to catch some live music. Those who know me well know that I'm a great fan of all things Archers of Loaf. Most people know that all my previous attempts to see Eric Bachmann's post-AoL band, Crooked Fingers, have been thwarted in one way or another. My losing streak is broken now, though. And it was soooo worth the wait. Material from both albums was represented fairly, along with two covers from the recently issued Reservoir Songs EP ("When U Were Mine" and "Under Pressure"). The highlight of the evening was the final song, however. Since the first time I'd heard it, it's always been one my favorite songs of his from any creative era -- "Juliette." I don't know if it's a song he plays regularly live or not, but the audience was shouting it out and weren't going to leave the club unsatisfied. It looked as though he had to think a minute to remember how to play it, but he may have just been tuning up. Anyway, it was beautiful as expected and everyone cheered and applauded upon its completion. An excellent show all around (including openers, Local 429). I wish Steph had been around, because I owe her a Crooked Fingers show. I'll just have to pay her back the next time.

NP: the ringing in my ears

THU 1 AUG | 17:45 CDT
Whenever a new soda flavor comes along, I like to give it a try. Today's review is new Pepsi Blue. And here's the review: NEXT! God, it's awful. The label states it's a "Berry Cola Fusion." What kind of "berries" are we talking about? [insert your own feces-related joke here]

And here's a couple of interesting things found about the message board community today:

Ed co-star arrested in Brooklyn on drug offense - Smoking crack, Dr. Mike?! What would Dr. Jerome think?

Einstürzende Neubauten goes online - Blixa delivers a personal message on the opening page urging you to observe the recording process for their new record in the coming months.

NP: The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour CD

WED 31 JUL | 19:27 CDT
So...The Coral. Three influences are quite obvious: The Electric Prunes, Madness, and Space. A blend like this may at first sound offsetting to some, but it works surprisingly well. "Goodbye" is immediately satisfying, and is one of the best singles I've heard in long time from a band based across the pond. Unlike a lot of other bands who mine the territory of the 60's sound, The Coral are able to do a convincing job. In fact, the modern elements of this whole album are so subtle they're almost impossible to detect. The best record of 1967 that didn't even exist back then.

I realize I may have been a little rough with my reaction to Matthew's review of the new songs from Bruce Springsteen. I know he's not a big fan in the first place, so the fact he's able to appreciate anything about them is an achievement.

NP: Wire - Pink Flag CD

WED 31 JUL | 16:24 CDT
I first saw a mention of The Coral over at the FMBB by Marie and stored the name away for investigation later. Then, with votes of confidence from both Badgerminor and NYLPM, I decided to finally go ahead and hunt down the tracks online. They weren't that hard to find, as it turns out, and I've now got the whole album playing in the background. I'll do a tiny write-up on that later.

I've mentioned it before, but I'll mention it again. Homestar Runner is a great diversion. Strong Bad still hasn't answered my email, though. Crap.

NP: The Coral - s/t CD

WED 31 JUL | 13:12 CDT
Today, Flux Blog writes about the new effort from Bruce Springsteen, The Rising. The part I find most insufferable about these few paragraphs is his inability to grasp who Springsteen is as a songwriter. One of the things I like most about him is his straightforwardness and attention to absolute detail. If this seems "too sentimental" or "too serious," he's done his job. It's up to you to dwell on what you've heard. The lyrics to some of the songs from The River and, especially, Nebraska still bang around the corners of my brain some fifteen years after hearing them for the first time. The new record is hard to listen to, but for reasons different than you're claiming. Many of the songs are drawn from the events of September 11, and I personally still get choked up when I stop and think...I mean really think...about what happened that day. The loss of life and the impact on our way of life is still hard to bear. To sum up, dismissing Springsteen is shortsighted and amateurish for anyone who claims to appreciate music.

TUE 30 JUL | 21:51 CDT
After watching tonight's next-to-last episode of ABC's The Mole, I haven't a clue as to who the mole will be. The episodes this season have given away less than they did the first year. Either that, or the mole this time is a better actor. My inclination at this point is to pick Heather. There's something shifty about her, but she's too much like Katherine (the first year's mole). I don't know that the show's producers would do something so similar. Honestly though, I'm not making any more predictions because I've already been proven wrong twice.

Carnies are people too. They're the butt of many jokes, but it really looks like a hard life. I have respect for anyone who could do that work day in and day out.

There's a rumor circulating around ILM that the Anti-pop Consortium have split, but I've yet to see any concrete proof. If it's indeed the case, what a big letdown.

NP: Bauhaus - Mask CD

TUE 30 JUL | 12:37 CDT
A message for Jay Leno: Just because Carson hosted "The Tonight Show" for thirty years doesn't mean you have to. Ten years of Leno is enough, right? Who's with me? I've long hoped that Steve Martin would take over "The Tonight Show," and I still do. It may never happen, but if it does -- well, you heard it here first.

In case you missed it yesterday, hot new band Interpol was in the studio for KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. Oh, I just said "hot new band."

Related to yesterday's ramblings about the music industry and online fileswapping: I've always said I'd be willing to pay a fee for a service that had cd quality mp3's from a label's entire (and I do mean entire) back catalog. Since the labels aren't taking many measures at all to develop such a thing, I continue to steal my music. If there's any fingerpointing to be done, it's right back at the big five (or four, or three -- who knows anymore?).

NP: The Avalanches - Since I Left You CD

MON 29 JUL | 19:50 CDT
Well intentioned freedom fighters hatched this scheme sometime late last week in an effort to send a message to the RIAA. Nice try, fellas. Try it on a permanent basis next time.

No Rock & Roll Fun recalls some embarassing events from Sen. Joseph Biden's past. We all know the guilty ones cry the loudest. Read 52 pages worth of contradictions if you want to.

Artemis befriends the webcaster. They're the first label to waive royalties for online broadcast. Will others follow?

I've written way too much and said way too little today about the same thing.

NP: The Flaming Lips - Transmissions From the Satellite Heart CD

MON 29 JUL | 15:01 CDT
Tom at NYLPM explains why receiving bulkloads of promo cd's for review takes almost all the fun out of reviewing albums. I know that when I was writing for Pillowfight a couple years ago, the ratio of pathetic albums to great albums was seriously lop-sided. If you blog, don't join the "Free CD's" campaign. It will kill your interest in music.

Downloading music for free is a whole other ballgame. It still involves reading up on bands, and searching for their releases. Where record companies shove promo discs down your throat, mp3 downloading is entirely self-participatory. I'll start buying new releases on cd again if, and when, they become affordable. This means a retail price of less than . Until that happens, I live my life guilt free.

Something I just realized -- I completely stole this color scheme and design style from Stereolab's Transient Random Noise Bursts with Announcements album. They stole it from some audio demonstration record, though, so I don't feel all that bad.

NP: Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um CD

MON 29 JUL | 12:55 CDT
The Digital Rights Management Bill - be afraid, be very afraid. Is our government really this out of touch with the American people? And why do we still focus on "intellectual property" anyway? In this age of rapid development, information should be readily available to all at little or no cost. Write a song, share it with everyone. Write a software app, spread it around. I try not to be too reactionary about these bills when they show up in congress, but this one has me a bit worried. While I'd like to think that a lot of the supporters of this bill won't be returning after election day, most of them probably will. People don't like change, and unless they've been negatively affected on a personal level by someone in office, they'll probably vote for that person to keep his/her position. Anti-consumer legislation benefits no one, though. Do your research and vote accordingly this November.

Switching gears now, Aquafina's new "Essentials" bottled waters are magnificent. Almost as good as the Glacéau Fruitwater that I've only ever been able to find at the hippie grocery stores.

NP: Spoon - Kill the Moonlight CD

SUN 28 JUL | 02:19 CDT
Why I'm still up at this hour is as much a mystery to me as it is to anyone else. I've just been flipping television channels and pacing around the apartment, stepping outside about every thirty minutes to have a cigarette. At some point during the battle with cabin fever, I uploaded the new mp3's for this week.

Tracy + The Plastics are actually just one person -- Wynne Greenwood, who bangs out provocative indie pop on lo-fi electronics. A beautiful mess.

The Rapture don't have a long history of their own, but they're doing a lot with the ideas they're stealing from rock's past. They would have drawn a crowd at CBGB's in 1980 with no effort at all.

Rock & Roll Confidential's Hall of Douchebags pokes fun at bands around the country and the world who likely deserve the ridicule. Railroad tracks, the other brick wall.

NP: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - S/T CD

SAT 27 JUL | 20:28 CDT
This new look took several hours to accomplish, because it's been so long since I've actually done any coding at all. I'd forgotten everything I ever knew about tables and such.

I'll be adding some new links over the next few days, and two new mp3's go up tomorrow morning. I'm also thinking about adding some sort of method for you, the reader, to give me some feedback. That will appear sometime next week.

NP: Pavement - Wowee Zowee CD

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